We utilize the digital ecosystem to elevate our clients and drive tangible results.

It is through the great people at GCA that we are able to deliver results for our clients. At the heart of GCA are a set of core values that drives our team each and every day.

Accountability & Collaboration

Results oriented, we win together

Continuous improvement

Trust & Transparency

We have fun with good people

Be curious and uncomfortable

Case Studies




Create both a consumer facing AND wholesale facing ecommerce experience that will drive sales through the appropriate channel.


Launch a wordpress based website to fullfill the needs of sales, marketing, finance and operations


Launched site in 1 week, fully functional and able drive revenue, display appropriate pricing depending on if the user is a consumer or a wholesaler, and enable internal sales teams to quickly and easily sign up business partners.

Hamilton Devices



Build a strong brand community and sustainable growth for Hamilton Devices across all social channels.


Work with influencers and other brands for endorsement and to develop content. Build momentum with giveaways, moments of delight, and direct interaction with followers. Develop a clear brand identity in storyboards.


Saw a 10x increase in followers on social platforms. Successfully launched multiple products with dozens of influencers endorsing devices and lending credibility to the brand. Social channels are now driving revenue for the company.